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Bray Fireworks – 08 August 2010

Went to see the annual Bray Fireworks last night. They started at 22:30, even though they had originally been scheduled to start at 23:00. Me and two others took the bus in at 21:00, so when we got there we went into an Asian Store, and I bought Cherry Coke, haven’t had that in years! So afterwards we made our way down to the beach, where the fireworks were being held, and trotted up and down for an hour or so, talking to people we knew. Then we went to hear a band playing various songs, they sang “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, and made the crowd sing, however, many wouldn’t do it, so when they asked just to guys to sing, it was just me and my two friends singing “this is sex is on fire!” it was hilarious XD It was so quiet and everyone looked at us. We then went to get some food at the chipper down the road, but when we got there it was packed with people buying stuff, so we said “Let’s forget it, we;ll eat later”. Finally, the fireworks had started, it only lasted about 10 minutes though, which was pretty lame, I was expecting at least 30 minutes worth of explosions happening. So when it ended, we went to the bus stop and had to wait 40 freaking minutes for a bus! Then when we got on, that too was packed! We decided not to go straight home, and instead went to a chipper to get food, I got a lovely Chicken & Bacon roll, then we made our way home.

Some Pictures:


Interview with DeviantART artist, Shnookiebunny

1. When did you start drawing?
I can’t really remember when exactly I began to pick up a pencil and draw but I started out very young. I’ve been drawing for a very long time ~

2. Are you self-taught, or did somebody teach you?
I taught myself how to draw and I think it’s done me good as self-teaching has helped me grow more confident in my skills, and I learned from my own mistakes. I don’t mind people giving me tips for my work as I’m always looking to improve ~ and it doesn’t make me a better artist that I’m self taught, every artist has grown in a different way.

3. Is there any DeviantART, artists you yourself are a fan of?

Pamianime -She is extremely talented with Bleach fanarts, and I’ve been a fan of her work for a while. I love her IchiRuki works dearly and every piece Pami makes is a great sight to see.
Tajii-chan – I love her style- both drawing and colouring. Her pieces are original, unique and not to be mention adorable! She’s always thriving to improve which makes me proud to see, and she is such a sweet girl and that shows in her work.

4. Is there any other forms of art you like?
I like many forms of art, however, I do have personal favourites. I love abstract and surreal art, it gives such an appealing feeling in an artist’s work.

5. Any artist(not DA artists) that you are a fan of?
Van Gogh.
I love his work, the use of colour and imagination in his work is rather beautiful.

6. What/Who was your inspiration?
Anything that I find interesting or appeals to me. So the world is my inspiration. Sometimes, my own thoughts can come in handy too.

7. Have you ever entered any art contests? If so, how did you do?
I entered in one contest a few years ago. It was a summer themed contest and we were given the task to draw what we thought summer was. I never knew how well I did because the judges never got back to me. XD

8. What is your favorite art style?
I like illustrative styles like cartoons and anime. I think they are very expressive.

9. Do you plan to have any kind of career to do with art?
Yes. I would love to earn my degree in art and get a career in Illustrative art.

10. What age would you recommend people start drawing at?
Any age. Really.
You’re never too old or young to start drawing, as long as you have fun age shouldn’t matter.


You can check out her work here –